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BraveHearts offers a progressive volunteer program that continues to grow annually. Within the 9 tiers of volunteer eligibility, there are advancement opportunities with a strong focus on education and training. The amount of horse experience that you have prior to coming to BraveHearts is not important, as we take the time to make sure all volunteers are trained.

Volunteer opportunities are offered year-round and so are the training opportunities. At BraveHearts, we aspire to continually educate our volunteers, helping volunteers stay engaged in our programs and increase their awareness of their important role which directly fuels our mission.

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sidewalker – walks or trots by the side of the therapy horse, supporting the participants and helping participants balance and perform activities according to a therapist’s or instructor’s directions.
  • Leader – guides the therapy horse during the session: weaving cones, directing the horse over and around obstacles, halting, walking and trotting according to the therapist’s or instructor’s directions.
  • Exercise Rider – rides, conditions and warms up therapy horses.
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Barn Assistance
  • Fundraising
  • Special Events Support
  • Tack Cleaning
  • Phone Coverage
  • Facility Cleaning and Organizing
  • Carpentry
  • Committee Service
  • Educating others in your community about BraveHearts

How to Volunteer

  • Contact volunteers@braveheartsriding.org / 815.765.2113 to find out when our upcoming New Volunteer trainings will be held and mark your calendar!
  • Attend a New Volunteer Training
  • Complete Annual Paperwork Forms
  • Volunteers 18 and over must complete a background check prior to being scheduled
  • Once training and all necessary paperwork is complete, it’s time to get on our volunteer schedule

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