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8:30AM CST – Grand Entry

9AM CST – Veterans Show

 6PM CST- Awards Presented (approximate time)

the trainers

  • Clint Allen
  • Scott Amos
  • Nathan Anderson
  • Lindy Burch
  • Cara Brewer
  • R.L. Chartier
  • Michael Cooper
  • Jody Galyean
  • Casey Green
  • Nate Gribble
  • Shannon Hall
  • Paul Hansma
  • Winston Hansma
  • Matt Miller
  • Bruce Morine
  • James Payne
  • Bill Riddle
  • Barb Schulte
  • Andy Sherrerd
  • Craig Thompson

U.S. Veterans



  • Michelle Arnier, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Angelica Ayala, U.S. Navy, CA
  • Amanda Bethards, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Will Boelcke, U.S. Air Force, IL
  • Ken Boyd, Gold Star Father, IL
  • Fred ‘Cowboy’ Busby, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Jonathan Byrne, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Juan Cabrales, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Kristopher Christensen, U.S. Air Force, NY
  • Angie Colella, U.S. Army, IL
  • Kyle Farbman, U.S. Army, MO
  • Ben Jalove, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Sabrina Mesalam, U.S. Navy, KY
  • David Mould, U.S. Marine Corps, IL
  • Ryan Ohrmundt, U.S. Army, WI
  • Alex Rodriguez, U.S. Army, IL
  • Dana Severson, U.S. Army, IL
  • Kayla Tilly, U.S. Army, WI

thank you!

Ranches & Veteran Sponsors



Thank you Bill & Michelle Cowan for hosting BraveHearts veterans, along with trainers and NYCHA youth volunteers, at your incredible ranch last month. It was a tremendous opportunity to bring everyone together for the first time for a 2-day cutting clinic and we appreciate all you did to make it possible.

Thank you Lindy Burch for offering to assist organizing the BraveHearts veterans clinic to allow them a chance to ride in the Watt Arena as they prepared for the event.

Thank you to Perks Ranch for welcoming BraveHearts veterans and trainers to your property for two days to squeeze in as much preparation for the event as possible. All your support in various capacities to make these clinics possible is so deeply appreciated.

Veteran Sponors

  •  Judy & Bill Carter
  • Julie Clarke
  • Eva & Mark Gardiner
  • Paul Hansma, Alannah & Scott Chartier
  • Johnel & Frank Harrison
  • David House
  • Kelley & John Logan
  • Ann & Ray Logan
  • Barb Schulte
  • Matthews Cutting Horses, LLC
  • Moore Cutting Horses
  • Ghostwood Bourbon
  • Stanford Ranch

In loving Memory

We RIDE with you!


Victor Ayala

Jeffrey Matthews

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