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Bravehearts has been chosen as the preferred
charity by Jessie Dowling of the Mongol Derby

WHo is Jessie Dowling? 

Jessie Dowling is a cheesemaker and sheep and goat farmer from mid-coast Maine. She owns and operates Fuzzy Udder Creamery LLC, in Whitefield, Maine, as well as running a local dairy distribution company called the Maine Milk Mavens that delivers cheese and other farm products throughout Maine. Her passion for growing a local business, centers on putting the welfare of animals and people first. Another underlying passion of hers is working with horses, which has come to the forefront as her business has become sustainable, not requiring her constant attention. Her passion for horsemanship has led her down the path to competing in the Mongol Derby.

WHat is the Mongol Derby? 

Mongol Derby is the dubbed, “the longest and toughest horse race in the world”. It is a 1000km race, following the messenger system created by Ghengis Khan, and has its roots in  the same routes created by the largest empire in human history. The race covers 1000km of the Mongolian steppe on semi-wild horses changing horses every 40km. Forty-five riders will ride multiple horses, navigating and surviving on their wits and skills, while living amongst the Mongolian herders. Jessie will begin this endeavor this August!

WHy has Jessie chosen BraveHearts?

As Jessie has delved back into horsemanship, she realized the tremendous benefit to mental health that comes with being with horses. She heard about BraveHearts’ Veteran Program, as well as Trail to Zero, and connected with BraveHearts’ mission of aiding mental health issues through equine-assisted horsemanship. Tragically, Jessie has lost friends in the farming industry to suicide, as suicide in the farming industry has increased throughout the years. Together, Jessie and BraveHearts will continue to bring awareness and prevention for suicide through healing horsemanship. BraveHearts is honored to have been chosen as Jessie’s preferred charity for the Mongol Derby.

Help Jessie reach her goal of raising $100,000 for BraveHearts

For every $100 donated, one veteran will receive a horsemanship lesson at BraveHearts.

Please donate to help us raise 100K for BraveHearts’ veteran lessons! 

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