HAAAYYY Valentine...

Cover Me In Love at BraveHearts

In 2018, BraveHearts therapy horses collectively contributed in providing 28,238 sessions.
This Valentine's Day, send your favorite BraveHearts horse some love.

Pick from one of the five "treats" below and we will make sure your favorite horse receives your gift.


The Sweet Treats Package

One corner feed tub for me to keep my stall clean as I can be a messy eater and a delicious Himalayan salt block is great for me to snack on.


Handle with Care

A new halter with my name embroidered onto it or a rope halter and lead rope. My team at BraveHearts will pick out what is best for me.


Warm Up for Workouts

A new blanket to keep me warm in the winter months or my very own working cooler to keep my workouts on point. My team at BraveHearts will pick out what is best for me.


Barn Buddy

Help keep my stalls clean and the barn in top shape with a push broom, muck bucket, pitch fork and a cart carrier. We need lots of these sets throughout our barns.


Room Service

A new Rubbermaid wheelbarrow for the best housekeeping around. Who doesn't love a clean house?

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