“I was so angry and numb and lost. We defend freedom for this great country but lose every ounce of freedom we ever had – trapped in the minds that repeatedly relive horrific events, shredded of every ounce of trust and wondering why I even made it out alive. But God had a plan when He put something special inside a horse. The horses helped me like no drug or therapist or bottle ever could. Horses helped me to breathe and horses showed me how to live in the moment. BraveHearts gave me peace. I am here now. My brothers deserve the same. You can be one of those who says you support veterans or you can actually be someone who takes action like we did. Join the mission at BraveHearts.” – Mitchell Reno, Army Infantry, OEF ’01/ OIF ’03


Hank (horse) clipped by Natasha Nagawiecki from A Pampered Pony and photo captured by Tricia Lee Carzoli

Giving this Holiday Season

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Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men.