When you donate online to BraveHearts, you assist us with our mission that directly supports children, adults and military veterans in need. Your contribution will help the individuals we serve to receive equine assisted services. Thank you for your generosity and belief in BraveHearts.

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"As an avid horse lover, I began volunteering with BraveHearts right away with my husband and Vietnam Veteran, Bill. It wasn’t long before Bill and I were riding weekly as part of the veteran family program offered at BraveHearts. Bill began to realize the healing power of these magnificent animals and we fully submerged ourselves in BraveHearts - volunteering and riding at every opportunity that presented. Bill has begun his journey to become a PATH Intl. certified instructor and also participants on the Drill Team and in special events for BraveHearts. Several months ago, we experienced a tragedy - the sudden loss of our 28-year old son. The BraveHearts family, that we had grown so close to, wrapped us in their embrace and the horses quietly listened to our sobs -- absorbing our tears as we spent even more time at BraveHearts. The grieving process continues, but each time we are at the farm we are embraced by our four-legged friends, as they help us to begin to heal. Becoming a PATH Intl. instructor, participating on the Drill Team and traveling to NYC to raise awareness for veteran suicide have also aided in our healing process."
- Bill and Nancy M.

“Working with the mustangs has allowed me to hope again, to trust again, to feel again, and I have been able to take the lessons I have learned from the mustangs and put them to work in my daily life. I know my place...Operation Mustang has not only saved my life but has allowed me to be part of my family’s life once again.”